Much more than a study guide

With incredible functionality that provides access to all examinable content in a range of formats, studyON enables your students to study, revise and practise for their exams more effectively.

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New Dashboard:
Allows easy navigation to all features from the one screen

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Concept summary:
Summaries of all examinable information are provided in small,
easy-to-remember chunks, using relevant examples

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Areas of Study expand to show
individual topics

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Topic Area breakdown
allows for speedy and
precise navigation

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Select unique concepts
from within a topic area

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Provides an overview of the concept
area with detailed diagrams.

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See More:
Videos and animations
provide access to more
information about an
onscreen concept.

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Read More:
References to relevant pages
in student text provide additional
information to fully explain
onscreen concepts.

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Practice Questions:
Practice official past exam questions
on a particular concept, topic or
the whole course

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Choose to answer different types of VCE questions.
Your progress will be tracked as you complete each question

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Access the most recent official exams along with
their marking guides and comments from the examiners.

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Get instant feedback and view your results
at a concept, topic or area of study level

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Allows students to annotate
and add to concept sections

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Teacher Dashboard:
Easily navigate between all functions

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Connect easily to your students via link or email.
Once connected, you can organise
groups and follow their
activities and results.

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Activity Monitor:
Monitor your students' progress
over specific time periods.
Review their results and answers
to individual questions.

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Assign topical questions to groups
or to individual students

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Student performance is tracked and
shown at topic and concept levels,
allowing you to easily
pinpoint individual student
strengths and weaknesses.


A complete solution

With studyON, your students can access hundreds of past VCAA/BOSTES exam questions, plus the most recent official past exams with corresponding marking guides and examiner comments. All in one place.

Accessible Anywhere

Your students can study, revise and practise anywhere, anytime, on any device. studyON lets them download a portable study pack for on-the-go study.

Content flexibility

We understand students need to see answers quickly and work out answers on paper which is why we’ve made it easy for your students to study the traditional way but with the benefits of a modern platform.

Designed for teachers too

Past exams can be sat online or downloaded for offline completion in exam-like conditions. In either format, students have access to the immediate feedback they need and you can continue to track their progress online.

studyon value packs

Value Packs

Jacaranda’s Value Packs include everything your students will need for their VCE or HSC subject at one low price. Talk to one of our Sales Consultants to discuss options for your school.


studyON Teacher Edition

studyON Teacher Edition provides invaluable insight into your students learning . Assign study tasks, monitor progress and results and even review answers to individual questions. Performance is shown at topic and concept levels, helping you readily pinpoint areas of particular strength or weakness, and providing a wealth of information for teaching, reporting and revision purposes.


eBook Connections

studyON links included in Jacaranda’s VCE and HSC eBookPLUS titles facilitate study and revision for each chapter.


Available for 24 of the most popular VCE and HSC subjects, studyON has helped thousands of students maximise their results and tertiary study choices. Find studyON for your subject.

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Read what other teachers think about studyON

Wonderful program, will be recommending to all of my unit 3 and 4 students next year! And using the teacher edition myself! Thanks!
Teacher, Dromana Secondary College
Easy to create and use and a very useful revision tool and teaching tool – used it once when I was absent (ill) – could monitor progress from home to check if students were working.
Teacher, Haileybury College
An excellent resource. Thank you for your efforts in producing a valuable teaching tool.
Theresa Pagon, Strathmore Secondary College